A few days ago I blogged about God invading our churches. It was about a prayer made during a community wide worship and prayer meeting. Here’s something else that came out of that meeting.

WARNING: If dancing is against your theology, you might want to suspend that prohibition for the next few minutes.

During worship at a recent community prayer meeting, the beat transitioned from gentle praise to the anticipation of a battle. As it grew stronger and stronger, my feet began to move in time, as if marching in formation as the Lord called out His army. But as I marched in place and the beat grew ever stronger, my feet began to “itch” to do something fancier. My thought was “Lord, this is a call to war beat, not a dancing beat. Our prayer focus now is calling men of the church to arise and take their place.” I felt God answer, “Dance, daughter, dance.”

Still I resisted because it wasn’t a time of dance, it was a time of marching (according to my brain). Yet my feet and spirit continued to say “dance.”

So I began to dance…a little. And as I began to move my feet in dance instead of in marching, God reminded me that dancing before Him is as much a part of warfare as marching to battle is. In fact, I believe there are times when dancing is stronger warfare. Our strength, our greatest weapon, is the elevation of Jesus. Our marching demonstrates to the enemy that we are on the move against Him. Our dancing shows the enemy that the Lord is our delight. It is that delight that is our greatest weapon against the things the enemy will throw at us to ruin our witness and our lives…he will put before us lies that will discourage us, de-motivate us, distress us, and deter us from pursuing our One True Purpose – to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

So I’ll march to war, but when I get to the battlefield, I hope to be dancing. Because the dance says “Satan, let me introduce you to my Savior, Christ. He is my delight and He is my life’s dance partner. Anything you have to say to me, you can say to Him. He’ll handle it.”

Let’s dance!

Comment from Shanna
What a night! I couldn’t stop, I was so overtaken by the Spirit in dance I thought I was going to explode. Watching the Lord overcome the children into dance was beautiful. The flow from dance to falling on my face before the King-What an awesome God that wants to just dance with you. I always enjoy watching you worship (not tahat I stare) but you have really helped me to step out in my own dance. Sandy you are an amazing woman of God, I look up to you more than you could ever imagine… Keep on dancin’!
Monday June 11, 2007 – 03:07pm (EDT)

Response from Sandyhov
Yep, what a night. Read the next blog — it’s about you!
Tuesday June 12, 2007 – 10:43pm (EDT)

Comment from Shanna
hey its tayler- hi nice blog, and thank u for your comments about us!
Tuesday June 12, 2007 – 11:36pm (EDT)

Comment from dansdesk
I’m jealous — as a Baptist and as someone in the grieving process!
Wednesday June 13, 2007 – 03:40pm (EDT)

Response from Sandyhov..
Hey Dan — you could always bust a move some Wednesday night! 🙂
Wednesday June 13, 2007 – 09:06pm (EDT)

Comment from dansdesk
Amanda and I were at a “non-church” wedding a couple of weekends ago and she was planning on showing me a few moves but we had to get home for the Cavs game and to finish up my SS lesson.
Thursday June 14, 2007 – 11:32am (EDT)

Response from Sandyhov
Thursday June 14, 2007 – 08:15pm (EDT)

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