OK, this will be my last blog about that community prayer meeting last week…and I won’t always be blogging about dancing, I promise, but it was a special night of worship.

During worship/intercession last Monday night, a young mother began to dance. It wasn’t ballet-type dancing, but a more “freestyle” dancing. Soon her two young sons came into the sanctuary. I watched as they went over to their mom and began to dance with her. Shortly after that her teenage daughter joined the family dance. When the mom looked up and saw her daughter’s friend sitting nearby she invited her to join the dance. This is a “normal” family with the normal ups and downs, trials, tribulations and successes that all families have. As I watched them, my only thought was “what lasting memories those children have.” As their father led the worship team, they danced with joy in the Lord with their mom. Now THAT’s family values and family “entertainment” at its best.

Praise God for parents who dance with their children.

Comment by Shanna
aweee..shucks! Thank you. I Love to dance with my kids. They really get into it. God’s really blessed me (with nearly perfect kids). I love to watch them in the presence of the King.

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