As we worshiped our Father God in church on Father’s Day, what occurred to me was that what every little girl really wants (and needs) is the approval of her father. Every little girl wants to know that her Daddy is proud of her. Maybe every little boy needs that, too. I don’t know, but I imagine it’s true.

One thing that revolutionized my spiritual life a number of years ago was developing the strong understanding that God DELIGHTS in me — that I am His delight! Wow! He doesn’t just love me, He enjoys me.

I’m so happy and blessed to have the approval of my Heavenly Father.

I’m also blessed to have had the approval of my earthly father…I just didn’t understand that all the time. I had to become an adult (and not a young adult) before I began to understand my Dad. My aunt said it best in her comments about Dad in his guest book — Dad never hesitated to let us know when he thought we were messing up — that was for our own good, of course.

So Dads — don’t hesitate to show your daughters how much you love and approve of them.

And everyone — God is infinitely delighted in you! That’s worthy of celebration!

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