In worship Sunday, we sang about being under the shadow of God’s wing. It started some ruminating in my spirit. What does it mean to be under the shadow of God’s wing?

My first thought was of God’s protection. Scripture talks about hiding (Ps 16:8), taking refuge (Ps. 36:7). How comforting to be under God’s shadow. I know that I derive a sense of security simply by walking with my husband’s arm around me. Imagine that as the arm of God! His arm is always there.

My next thought was of the intimacy of the position. The picture that came to my head was that of a bird flying. When I am under its wing, I am able to see his underbelly. When I am under God’s wing, I can see His underbelly (figuratively speaking of course!). And I thought of God hiding Moses in the cleft of the rock and revealing Himself to Moses. (Ex 33). God wants to reveal Himself to us. He wants to show us His underbelly.

These are just a few of my thoughts over the past week. How about you? What comes to mind when think, sing or read about being in the shadow of God’s wings? Add your comments below.

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