Sometimes God arranges what we’re reading to have doubled impact.

Yesterday I read in Genesis about Noah and the flood.

Today I read the lineage of Jesus in Luke.

The last line “Adam was the son of God” always strikes me. Wow! To be a son of God! I’m a daughter of Pat Parks and Leona Vinck. I have a grandmother who loved the Lord, but little other spiritual heritage that I’m aware of. Adam was the son of God.

The second thing I notice is that Noah is in the lineage of Jesus. Of course He is, because only Noah, Mrs. Noah, and their 3 sons and 3 daughter-in-laws were saved from the flood. Wait a minute! That means I’m related to Noah! And if I’m related to Noah, then I am also related to Adam…and I am therefore a daughter of God.

I know this is nothing new. I’ve known that I’m related to Noah. I also know that I am a true daughter of God only because I choose to follow Him, not because I was born into His family. But today there seems to be something special about that lineage, that heritage. Truly, I have God’s DNA (or I suppose more specifically the DNA that God put into Adam) in me.

Again, this is nothing new, but it struck me anew…and I am awed at the plan that God put into motion, even from creation. What an awesome God we serve!

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