The LORD is my shepherd;
  I have everything I need.

  He lets me rest in green meadows;
  he leads me beside peaceful streams.

  He renews my strength.
  He guides me along right paths,
  bringing honor to his name
            Psalm 23: 1-3


This is an invitation. I’m conveying it, but it is being extended by the creator of the universe. He would like you to Rest at the River’s Edge with Him each day. He’d like to teach you a little about His ways, bring you peace, give you wisdom, have fellowship with you. Allow Him to lead you to beside the peaceful streams and your strength will be renewed.

I’m providing a daily Bible reading plan that will help you read through the Bible in a year. When some people hear that, they easily become overwhelmed, and that’s quite understandable – there are 1168 chapters in the Bible! But 1168 chapters divided by 365 days is only 3.2 chapters each day. And that’s easily do-able. The plan I’m providing is a little different  it will identify 4 or 5 chapters every day 5 days a week. That allows for two “grace” days (also known as “catch up days”).

If you read along with us, you’ll find that many of my blogs come directly from what I’m reading in Scripture. The blogs you read will often reinforce what you’ve read or give you insight into how God speaks to me from what I’m reading. I’d love to publish some of your thought as you read, too.

Let’s rest at the river’s edge with God. I am confident He’ll meet you there.

Watch for January’s recommended reading plan in tomorrow’s blog.

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