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As we begin our time together at the River’s Edge, we’ll start with the Book of Beginnings, Genesis. We’ll read about how God created the world and everything in it. Everything was perfect…until we messed up God’s perfect world. We’ll read about that as well. We’ll then begin a journey about how God continually called His people to return to Him and how we continually walked away. You may be wondering why I’m saying “we” when we certainly didn’t live in the Garden of Eden and we didn’t walk with Moses and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob (we’ll meet all of those men in January). Within each of us is an independent nature that is prone to doing things our way (instead of God’s way) wandering away from Him at the slightest instigation. So I say “we” because if we had been in the Garden of Eden, we would have followed Adam & Eve’s example. Perhaps we would have led the effort!

We’ll also begin to learn about Jesus, reading first in Matthew about how Jesus is related to Abraham who we’ll be reading about in Genesis. We will read the entire book of Matthew in January, so we’ll also learn about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

We’ll round out the month with a few Psalms.

That sounds like a pretty good way to get started! What are waiting for? The readings for January are shown below.

Recommended Reading Schedule

If you prefer to download a PDF of the schedule, click here. 


Date Recommended Reading
January 2009
Th Jan 1 Genesis 1-4  
F Jan 2 Genesis 5-10  
M Jan 5 Genesis 11-14 Matthew 1
Tu Jan 6 Genesis 15-17 Matthew 2
W Jan 7 Genesis 18-19 Matthew 3-4
Th Jan 8 Genesis 20-23 Matthew 5
F Jan 9 Genesis 24-26 Matthew 6
M Jan 12 Genesis 27-29 Matthew 7
Tu Jan 13 Genesis 30-32 Matthew 8-9
W Jan 14 Genesis 33-35 Matthew 10
Th Jan 15 Genesis 36-39 Matthew 11
F Jan 16 Genesis 40-41 Matthew 12-13
M Jan 19 Genesis 42-45 Matthew 14
Tu Jan 20 Genesis 46-47 Matthew 15-16
W Jan 21 Genesis 48-50 Matthew 17-18
Th Jan 22 Exodus 1 Matthew 19-21
F Jan 23 Exodus 2 Matthew 22-24
M Jan 26 Exodus 3-4 Matthew 25-27
Tu Jan 27 Exodus 5-8 Matthew 28
W Jan 28 Exodus 9-13  
Th Jan 29 Exodus 14-15 Psalms 1-3
F Jan 30 Exodus 16-17 Psalms 4-6

If you’d like a PDF that lists all the chapters in the Bible so you can chart your progress, click here.

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