It’s January 31st. In my personal reading, following our Resting at the River’s Edge reading plan, I am on January 29th!

I share that with you all to encourage you. Over the past three weeks I’ve been behind or ahead of the plan half a dozen times probably! And that’s OK.

The plan is a guide, but don’t let it become a hindrance to enjoying God’s Word. Don’t let it cause you to read through a passage just to get through it or to give the enemy ammunition to heap guilt on you when you fall behind. This is a guilt-free zone!

For me, this was a crazy week and I fell behind by about three days. I did, however, also read ahead a little because I really wanted to read some Psalms. That’s OK. It’s why I like to follow a plan that has suggested reading only five days each week. It builds in recovery time for those days that we need to recover from.

So be encouraged! God has something to say to you through His Word — don’t let our arbitrary schedule or Satan rob you of being able to hear God. Feel free to read ahead or slow down as you journey through the Bible in 2009.

I hope you’re Resting at the River’s Edge and being blessed by the Lord there.

If you didn’t start with us in January but want to join in, you can find January’s recommended reading plan here. 

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