We’re under a bit of pressure these days. My husband is spending tonight in the hospital…again. Our finances are awfully tight since must of our customers have had their budgets severely cut – no work means no paycheck when you’re self-employed. We are reaching the point where our personal finances won’t pay the bills much longer. As I walked through the hospital this afternoon, I was starting to stress a bit. In mid-stride, God reminded me that I’m in the middle of writing a sermon that is about praising Him in the midst of our trials. (Warning…whatever you choose to teach on, God will probably allow Satan to test you in so that you learn the lesson well before you teach it to someone else.)

So I shifted my focus from the problems to the Lord, and I began to anticipate the solution that God was going to provide. As I pondered this, having no specific solutions in mind but knowing that God is a creative guy, in the back of my mind there was this little place that still wanted to stew over the problem. (Come on, I’m sure you’ve been there.) The back of my mind was saying “you know, you’re living awfully close to the edge these days…if God doesn’t deliver soon…” And that’s when it hit me – thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord, for whispering in our ears when we need to hear from You!

If you study Scripture much and if you have any history with the Lord, you know that He is the God who provides solutions when they’re needed…and usually not a moment sooner! In the business world we call that Just-In-Time delivery – JIT. I’ve often said that we have a Just-In-Time God. What occurred to me as I walked across the lobby of the hospital is that if I’m really as close to the edge as my checkbook says I am, God’s solution must be just around the corner! How exciting is that? I’m pretty excited about it! I am already convinced that God is able and that He is faithful. The issue is just a matter of timing. I’ve studied and experienced that his timing is Just-In-Time.

Another preacher has put it this way “You don’t need a miracle until you need a miracle.” In other words, God could provide your answer today, but it wouldn’t be a miracle when He provides it today…it would just be His grace at bringing to you what you need. But a miracle…well, that can’t come until you’re living on the edge.

When we’re living on the edge, we can choose to live in fear or in anticipation of the provision…even the miraculous provision…that God has for us. I think I’ll choose anticipation, how about you? Remember, the closer you are to the edge, the closer God’s provision is. I choose to get excited about that provision even before it gets here because I know it’s coming!

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