We’ll spend much of September with the Prophet Jeremiah. He is the author of both Jeremiah and Lamentations. Jeremiah had a hard job — prophecying to a people who didn’t want to hear what he had to say. That made him unpopular and, in the world’s eyes, unsuccessful. I bet there are times that you feel that way. Times when it seems that you aren’t where you wish you were at this point in your life. Times when you look around at others and everyone seems to be doing better than you are. Well, as I said, Jeremiah had a hard job. But God dealt with him graciously and I think we can learn much from seeing the interaction between the two and from watching Jeremiah’s faithfulness in difficult times. Was he successful? You make the call!

We’ll also finish the book of Psalms, ending with the triumphant last verse:   

Let everything that has breath Praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord
Psalms 150:6 (NIV)

Let everything that lives sing praises to the Lord!
Praise the Lord
Psalms 150:6 (NLT)

We’ll also read 1 and 2 Peter, but I’ll leave discussion of those books for when we get to them.

Don’t give up, friends! I’m guessing you’ve made much progress toward reading the Bible this year – perhaps more than you ever have before! Congratulations! Keep at it!


To download a PDF of September’s reading schedule, click here.


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