Praise the LORD.
Blessed is the man who fears the LORD,
Who finds great delight in his commands.

– Psalm 112:1

Praise the Lord!

Praise – from the Hebrew word halal – as in hallelujah! It literally means a number of things that can help us worship Him better today:

  • To be clear (originally of sound, but usually of color)
  • to shine
  • to make a show
  • to boast – even to the point of appearing foolish!

We are to praise the Lord without regard to looking foolish! As I thought about this, I realized that when our focus is on HIM, not on ourselves, we naturally become less concerned for “how we look to others.” When we “clear” our minds from the sound and color of others’ expectations, focusing on Him instead of ourselves, we are free to shine for Him and Him alone! And if others consider that foolish, that’s for them to deal with – I prefer to deal with the Lord.

The Lord – from the Hebrew Jah, a shortened version of Jehovah. It means self-existent or eternal.

Shine for the one who is self existent! Boast about the eternal One! Dare to be considered a fool for the one who always was and always will be!

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