Six Temptations of Failure, Day 3 of 6

So far we’ve looked at two temptations we often face when we experience failure: The temptation to believe that we are the failure instead of properly identifying the event or situation as a failure, and the temptation to allow the sense of failure to grow until we believe that we can’t do anything right. Both temptations can have debilitating affects on our lives. Let’s look at a third that can also impact our lives for years beyond the failure.

Temptation #3: Making Inappropriate or Unintentional Vows
Sometimes when we fail, we are so intent on not having it happen again that we make inappropriate and/or unintentional vows. Those vows can take on a life of their own and begin to define us in ways that we don’t want to be defined. Let me give you two examples:

  • Perhaps your marriage failed and you were so devastated by it that you said in your heart, “I’ll never let anyone be able to hurt me like this again.” That’s a vow and God honors our vows. Years later you may wonder why you are so unhappy in your next marriage. The answer may be because you are not making yourself vulnerable to your spouse – after all, if you allow yourself to be vulnerable again, you may be hurt again.
  • Perhaps you have a business that failed and in the aftermath of the failure you vow that you will never take a financial risk again. Years later you may wonder why you find yourself in a position that gives you no fulfillment and brings little income. Perhaps it’s because you resisted trusting God when He made another position available that required you to take a reasonable risk.

In the midst of a failure, guard against the temptation to make rash statement and inappropriate vows. Our words mean things and vows have authority that only Christ can break. Don’t let rash words that you have spoken define your life. If you find that you have made inappropriate vows, specifically renounce them before God in the name of Jesus. Ask Jesus to free you from the vow.

A friend shared this story with me. She’s given me permission to share it with you.

“As a child, I did something that turned out to be a big mistake. My mom wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to explain that it was an accident. I vowed in my heart never to tell her anything again. Nearly fifty years later, the vow was still in force…I have spent a lifetime accepting blame without speaking truth and a lifetime ‘never telling [anyone] anything of any importance.’ But now Christ has broken that vow, and freed me to share more openly than ever before.”

Renouncing vows are worth the effort!

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