We all go through phases when our personal devotions become stale. For me, the cause is usually that I’ve fallen into a rut – described by some as a grave with both ends knocked out!

In my professional life, I find that I periodically must change personal organizational systems – for example, change from one size planner to another or from one computer-based calendar program to another. When I stay with the same system too long, I become lax in using it. The same is true in my personal devotions – perhaps not so much that I become lax, but I begin to approach the time on autopilot. (Lord, make it not so!)

Here’ s an article from Disciple Journal© that provides some great ideas for “waking up” your devotions. My personal favorite is reading through the Bible, highlighting it as you go along, then giving it as a gift to someone special! Pretty cool idea! Check out the article for more about this and other ideas (some much simpler).

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