I’m enjoying a wonderful Day of Rest (or DOR as it’s known in our house). It started with an awesome, God-present time at church this morning. (I guess that’s redundant. Any time God is present is, by definition, awesome.) Church was followed by good fellowship over lunch, a nap, then some conversation and prayer with my husband, and now time with God. God is very good!

In my surfing today, I read and enjoyed this blog. The writing style and audience is quite different from mine, but I fully enjoyed his discussion around his title question “When I say ‘God,’ You Think…” To whet your appetite, here’s some of my favorite quotes from the blog:

“God just doesn’t simply exist, He is existence itself.”

“Without God, I have no purpose whatsoever.”

“Having a perfect relationship with God who already is in a Perfect relationship within His own God-head of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is something to behold. Something that should make us fall on our faces in worship.”

Well, you’ll have to visit the blog yourself to fill in the gaps. Otherwise I’d be in danger of plagiarism. Enjoy your reading. I did!

One Response to “God, His Existence and Our Purpose”
  1. Ron Parrs says:

    Thanks for the kind words of encouragement Sandy. The understatement of all written history was John’s comment about the physical life of Jesus in John 21:25. How much more, if that’s possible, of the entire God-head. For a preaching treat, I would highly recommend the 2 sermon series “The Chief End of God” & The Glory of God’s Final Word” by Brian Borgman found at http://www.sermonaudio.com. Worth listening to several times.

    I’ll be writing much more as I go through my teaching series on the 4 Essential Doctrines of the Christian Faith. Stay tuned. Stay blessed!

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