Here’s a blog on a favorite topic of mine – Living Life On Purpose! It won’t take you but a few minutes to read this woman’s encouragement and practical advice to help you become more than you otherwise would.

I want to be a person who lives intentionally. You might remember a couple of blogs I posted near the end of last year (here and here) about beginning Living Life on Purpose groups. We didn’t have any takers at the time, but if you look at the calendar and recognize with remorse that the first quarter of 2011 is nearly over and you haven’t begun to accomplish any of the things you had hoped to during the past three months – or perhaps haven’t even thought about what you want to accomplish in 2011 – leave a comment here or on Facebook (where many of you read the blogs). Let’s not let the summer overtake us without a plan for growing into the man or woman God wants us to be.

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