It was a week ago today that I introduced you to my “Summer of Praise.” Since then, my excitement has grown when I think about what God will do as I spend the summer focusing on praising Him. I have several themes running in my head – I suspect they’ll work their way into blogs in the coming weeks. Additionally, other articles, blogs and e-mails on related topics seem to be coming across my desk with increased frequency. I think we’re in for a great summer, friends!

Even as I write this, my mind reminds me that not everyone is celebrating: A friend is in pain, a nephew has lost his grandfather, another friend is over-stressed with life and yet another is depressed. Despite it all (and of course, there are many more examples), I am convinced God will transform us as we are obedient to praise Him, perhaps especially when that praise is a sacrifice. And I am excited about experiencing that transformation in myself and with my friends!

Today I read a blog that has been in my inbox for three weeks. Titled “Happiness is a Choice,” I expected the blog to be a bit too familiar – “there’s nothing new under the sun” was my reaction to the title. (Lord, forgive me for my cynicism and lack of respect.) The blog is written by a woman I’ve included here before, so I kept it in my inbox to read at some future time. The future became today, and I found that not only was I wrong about there being nothing new under the sun, but that the blog was extremely well written. Among other things, I love her line in the first paragraph about electricity and friction and her discussion about grafting our happiness onto others.

This “Today I Realized…” blog is worth the read. It’s short but powerful and will enhance your Summer of Praise.

Let’s make good choices and let’s continue to praise Him!

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