The four short chapters of Jonah are chock-full of sovereign acts of God – times when He steps in and changes the course of events – every act a miracle of His sovereign grace. There are more miracles in the 48 verses of this book than in any other passage of the Bible of similar length! Additionally, I find eight major life lessons in those four short chapters! This is truly a story that is about more than a man being swallowed by a giant fish.

Product Announcement: I’ve written a six-lesson Bible study on the book of Jonah that is in its final stages of production. Watch for it to be released on Monday, July 25. In the meantime, if you’re reading along with us following the Resting at the River’s Edge schedule, you’ll get a head start by reading through the entire book of Jonah today (that should take you less than fifteen minutes). Blessings on your reading, friends!

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