God’s arms certainly are.

Here’s a an excerpt from a blog that will challenge you to be God’s Hands extended to the sinner and sinned-against written by Thom Hunter at Signs of a Struggle.

It stands to reason to me that if we, as Christians, can embrace the idea that bad things happen to good people . . . then we would be able to wrap our arms around the idea that good people  — even Christians — do a fair amount of those bad things.  And then we could wrap our good Christian arms around those that did it and those that hid it at the same time we comfort those that got pummeled by it.  “It” being sin.  Surely our arms are bigger than we let on.  Surely, there is mercy and forgiveness and grace abounding.  Surely we can restore the sinner with the same hope we rescue the sinned-against.  Surely God’s love — which is to be in us — is enough to cover all.

God’s call to love one another is no place for cowards, as Thom writes. It takes great courage and God’s compassion. Take a few minutes and be challenged by this blog today.

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