I’m a note-taker. I almost never listen to a sermon without taking notes. It’s very difficult for me to stay focused if I’m not taking notes. And it surprises me that even though I take notes, when I look back at them, I learn that I’ve forgotten far more than I’ve remembered from those sermons – even the really good sermons that I thought I remembered well.

So one of my projects over the coming month or two is to review the notes I’ve taken from sermons I heard in 2011. What I’m finding is that there are many one-liners that bring me encouragement, conviction or motivation. I’m going to share them with you a dozen or so at a time. I have no idea how many blog posts this will take, but I’ll spread them out. My prayer is that you will be encouraged, convicted and motivated as you read them.

  • It’s time for me to quit dreading my upcoming medical procedure and instead praise God for the advancement of technology that makes it possible! (This was a personal revelation I received as our pastor preached one Sunday so it made it’s way into my notes.)
  • God doesn’t measure time, he measures growth. He doesn’t measure success by what we achieve but by our obedience.
  • You cannot take the enemy’s ground if the enemy has ground in you.
  • Practice until success is routine. The prize is won in practice.
  • Let’s make “mistakes” of doing too much/too good for God; let’s “err” on the side of trusting God and serving Him!
  • Fill the view finder with the subject – make your subject Jesus!
  • God never set us up as the prosecutor. We’re always the defendant & Jesus is our advocate. Satan is the prosecutor. Who do you want to align yourself with?
  • The Church today doesn’t know how to deny itself. We need to ask: “Lord, what would you have me give up so I can hear from you?”
  • God is a romancer.
  • We have the awesome privilege of bringing Christ into every situation. Our impact is neutralized when we also bring the enemy with us! (e.g., by complaining, following old (ungodly) habits, etc.)

That’s it for now. Did any of them make you think twice? Will any of them stick with you throughout the week? Let me know! Oh, and thanks to my pastors and other preachers I learned from in 2011.

Blessings, all!

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