Circus TentsAnd I can’t wait! I’ve been looking forward to it since the last time I went – about four years ago! Phil and I were so surprised at how much fun we had that we’ve been watching the circus schedules ever since and this is the first opportunity we’ve had to go back.

I’ve been telling everyone about my upcoming plans. The Animal Open House starts at 5:30. The Circus Pre-show starts at 6 and the circus starts at 7. We plan to arrive by 5:15. I don’t want to miss a bit of it.

And God’s been speaking to me about it for the past few days. He’s been tapping me on the shoulder and asking questions like this:

“Are you this excited about our times together?”

“Do you tell everyone how much you’re looking forward to our time together?”

Our God is such a wonderful God. He isn’t bringing condemnation upon me – there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. He’s gently nudging me toward the person He created me to be. His calling is so much higher than my calling. So he’s asking me if I’ve lost my first love and if I’m willing to tell others about my first love…or if I’ve started to take my time with God for granted.

Now granted, going to the circus is something I’ve only done a couple of times before, and only once in the past thirty years. But even so, I have the awesome opportunity to hear from the God of the universe every day. To hear Him say (usually through His Word, not through an audible sound) how precious I am to Him. To learn about what He has in store for me in this life and beyond. To discover some of the mysteries of the Godhead. To be myself and know I am totally loved.

So I’m excited about going to the circus tomorrow. It will be an evening of fun and adventure.

But even before then, I get to have an adventure with God – today, tomorrow and every day! How about you? Are you as excited about your time with God as other things in your life? If not, spice things up a bit by trying something new – a different pattern to your time with God, a different Bible translation, a different type of prayer, a different activity…or just sitting and listening more. Blessings on your adventure!

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