And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. 
Philippians 4:19 (NIV)

I don’t typically include ministry updates from other organizations here, but I was so blessed and instructed by this testimony that I wanted to share it. Most of my readers have their daily needs met many times over. In Mozambique, Bush Bunny Brenda (BBB) ministers in true life and death situations regularly. She has built an organization (Orphans Unlimited) that provides food to 2800 orphans (and many others that show up on their doorstep with short-term needs). In America, we would ask for finances to meet the needs. BBB has done that, and she has the funds, but her challenge is to find the food to buy. Read this excerpt from her recent update. Let it challenge you to trust God to meet your needs and answer your prayers.


From the 4/19/2013 Bush Beat Blog, the ministry update of Bush Bunny Brenda Lange



Might sound a bit weird to some of you, but the Lord Jesus tells us in the Bible to ASK ANYTHING IN HIS NAME, and it shall be done as long as we do not ask amiss.

WE ASKED for beans for our orphans, and God is answering in a very unusual way.

THE NEED IS FOR 100 TONS of beans if we are to help the 2,800 orphans that are registered in our program.

Capena, our Project Manager visited the 6 villages that “ordinarily” are able to grow the ENTIRE 100 TONS.  It was a bit disturbing when his report showed that they “might” have 10 tons to sell.  Too much rain is the culprit, as most of the crops drowned.

THEN GOD STEPPED IN to surprise me with the fruit of my teachings from last year.
Yesterday, the 2 Pastors from the villages of Namara and Pequaria came to tell us that their church members, along with some of the villagers, had almost 21 tons they could sell!  This is not a normal growing area for beans, so this took us all by surprise!

When I was teaching in Namara last November (planting time), I showed those members how to walk their fields PRAYING as they planted.  Their prayer was to be very specific—ASKING JESUS TO BLESS THEIR FIELD WITH A 100 FOLD HARVEST as they planted their seeds.  From these reports it is obvious, they did just that!
WOW, to go from a normal harvest of just enough to feed their families to a SURPLUS of over 21 tons is truly a blessing of the Lord.

My objective when teaching was to help them achieve a maximum harvest that would sustain their family and give them extra to sell.

I had no idea it would be OUR ORPHANS who would benefit from their obedience and the blessing that God placed on them.


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