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Jerusalem Vigil
by Bodie & Bock Thoene

The Thoenes are masterful authors of historical Christian fiction. The first book in the Zion Legacy series, it is a gripping novel about the lives in the war-torn city of Jerusalem as neighbors on all sides seek to destroy the nation of Israel before it has a chance to live. Taking place in 1948, it tells about the lives of those transplanted from safety to a place requiring all they ahve to give and more – all the compassion, strength, love and most importantly faith.

Safely Home
by Randy Alcorn

Qual Li is a young Chinese man, educated in the United States and on the fast track to becoming a professor and great writer. He is also a Christian and upon returning home, finds all opportunities closed to him. The reader is challenged to make sense of the world in which he lives and the purposes of God in one’s man’s life as he lives through difficult circumstances. “Is this the day I die?” Quan Li asks himself daily as he lives for eternity instead of for himself.

Secret Believers: What Happens When Muslims Believe in Christ
by Brother Andrew and Al Janssen

This is a fictionalized account of real  people who live in Muslim countries and come to faith in Christ. Hare are they to fulfill their calling to strengthen the Chruch when it is illegal for the Church to exist? It is a story about how believers live, struggle, and glorify God when the place to which they are called is hostile toward them and their faith.


The Pursuit of God
by A.W. Tozer


“I want to love God more than any man in my generation,” was A.W. Tozer’s desire. The Pursuit of God is a classic of Christian devotion by a man hailed by many as a 20th century prophet. Each chapter will challenge and motivate you to love God more.


The Sabbath
by Abraham Joshua Heschel


An absolutely fascinating book “hailed as a classic of Jewish spirituality ever since its original publication.” Heschel’s writing style is beautiful, and his love for the Sabbath is moving. Heschel has caused me to think in ways I haven’t thought before and long for a Sabbath that fulfills the meaning of the word rest. This book will stretch you and open you to new experiences.



I’ve been married since 1978, have read many books about men and women and have a husband who “shares” more than most men…and still I was shocked by much of what I read in this book. I periodically did a reality check with my husband — “Is this really true? Is this how you feel/think?” In nearly every case the answer was “yeah,” as in “well, yeah, of course, what else would I think?” I treat my husband differently as a result of reading this book.

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