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I publish this blog at the risk of overdoing a theme. I hadn’t planned on having my next blog be about praising God, but somehow He keeps bringing me back to the theme.

I left my husband in the ER tonight waiting for a bed in the hospital to be available for him to spend the night there. Or at least what’s left of the night. When I left it was 1:30am. We’re hopeful he’ll be home tomorrow.

On the way home, the wonderful Holy Spirit reminded me that this is the Summer of Praise. My tired brain couldn’t remember a song to sing, so I spent the drive home making up (I guess a more confident person would say “writing”) a new song to the Lord. You can hear it here.

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When I read Matthew 13 yesterday, I was so blessed by the parable of the wheat and the weeds.  Later in the day when the opportunity to record our first-ever podcast presented itself, the lesson from the parable seemed like the best content. So instead of providing a written blog on the passage, I created a podcast of it. You can listen to it here. Click on this link and the podcast service will open. Typically, the podcast begins to play immediately, but if it doesn’t, simply click on the triangle “start” icon. Let me know how you enjoy the podcast. Be blessed!

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