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SandyHi! I’m Sandy Hovatter. I’ve been pursuing God for more than 30 years! Wow! I didn’t really think I was that old! Ok, so I’m 50-something, I’m married to the greatest guy around (I love you, Phil) and I’m passionate about Christ. I have an MA in Christian Ministries from Malone University and am an ordained minister.  (Yes, I could use the title Reverend, but it’s not usually my style.)

While I’m the primary blogger here, I’d love to see other writers occasionally. So if God has given you something to say, let me know. Just e-mail your post to me at sandy@apprehendinggrace.com.

For more about the name of the blog, see the Apprehending Grace page or my post Blogging in a New Spot with a New Name.

I’ve been involved in ministry in one way or another for almost all of the 30+ years I’ve known Christ. I am a teacher, speaker and author.

Phil and I have had our own desktop publishing business for more than 20 years. We create books, product catalogs, brochures, etc., for print and digital distribution. We live in Norwalk, Ohio and attend River of Life Christian Church.

Sandy welcomes invitations to speak at local and regional events. Contact her by e-mail at sandy@ApprehendingGrace.com.

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