From Discouragement to Faith

From Discouragement to Faith and ConfidenceWe all find ourselves facing disappointment at times. Those times can quickly lead to discouragement if we don’t take action. While there’s no “secret formula” that erases the realities of life that try to drag us into discouragement, there are specific things we can do to move from discouragement to faith.

May God increase your faith with each step you take toward Him!

From Discouragement to Faith Series

[button_round color=”orange” url=””] Part 1 – Make a Decision [/button_round]
[button_round color=”orange” url=””] Part 2 – Praise Him! [/button_round]
[button_round color=”orange” url=””] Part 3 – Check Your Actions & Motives [/button_round]
[button_round color=”orange” url=””] Part 4 – Seek & Implement God’s Strategy [/button_round]
[button_round color=”orange” url=””] Part 5 – Enlist the Help of a Friend [/button_round]
[button_round color=”orange” url=””] Part 6 – Moving on Up! [/button_round]
The following blog wasn’t a part of the From Discouragement to Faith series, but it’s a great follow-up to it:

[button_round color=”orange” url=””] Expect God to be God! [/button_round]

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