Women in Ministry Position Paper

My theology about the role of women in ministry has transitioned over the years through much wrestling with God and Scripture. My position derives from key passages that are not disputed or open to various interpretations, specifically Genesis 2:18 and Galatians 3:26-28. The position paper looks closely at these passages as well as those that typically are the source of long discussions on the topic.

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2 Responses to “Women in Ministry Position Paper”
  1. Robert Marx says:

    You have presented an excellent exegesis or hermeneutic paper. Your argument was concise, orderly, and logical. You used good references. I agree with your end point; however, I would add that Joel 2 as quoted in Acts 2 places women as prophesying in the end times. I personally believe that the biblical mandate of Gal. 3:28 should silence the debate. Clearly, it has not! I am in the Southern Baptist Convention and unfortunately the brethren are quite dogmatic about women not preaching in the church. I have just viewed your work after seeing a submission by you in LinkedIn. Thank-you for your ongoing service to the churches and your obviously sincere faith. As an aside, may I point out two errors I saw in your paper? You labeled your endnotes as “footnotes” on page 7. A footnote would appear at the bottom of the page where it makes a citation. You have endnotes which are listed after the conclusion of your paper and before the works cited. Finally, on page 8 you list your works cited as a bibliography. In truth, you have a fine paper.

    Robert Marx
    SSgt MTANG

  2. Sandy says:


    Thanks so much for your gracious comments. I owe a debt to some great Southern Baptists who were highly influential in my early Christian walk. And as a denomination they hold up the pillar of evangelism like no other denomination. Unfortunately, as you point out, they severely limit the use of women’s gifts, and quite honestly do a great disservice to those women as well as the Body of Christ. Being told repeatedly to “be quiet and sit down” has been one of the most painful aspects of my Christian walk. But God is good and will use all things for good if we continue to pursue Him.

    The two references you cite are good ones and could have easily been added to the paper. The paper was originally done as an assignment for my Master’s degree and there were page number restrictions as well as requirements to deal with certain passages. When deciding to post it, I made some modifications (which is when the technical errors you noted came in) to make it a bit more readable.

    Again, thanks so much for your encouraging comments.
    Be blessed,

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